Georgy's Home

Create a special keepsake
for a stranger

Georgy's Home is a browser-based interactive experience. Together with Georgy the dog and her robotic toy friend Ed, visitors can make and receive unique personalized gifts from other anonymous users, based on queries like "What's something you accomplished recently that made you feel proud?" The gifts can then be printed and kept as keepsakes.

I hope that asking children to think about their own emotional experiences (i.e. "What makes you feel proud?") will help develop their emotional intelligence, and asking them to think about and respond to other anonymous children's emotional experiences will help develop their empathy. This working prototype features 2 "episodes" that deal with the theme of pride, but later episodes would deal with feelings of loss, anger, and happiness.


Georgy's Home was made using HTML5, Javascript, and PHP/Mysql. It uses a couple libraries to get the job done - CreateJS for sprite animation, tweening, and sound, Fabric.js for drawing in the HTML5 canvas, and TCPDF for generating printable PDFs of the unique items users receive. <3


Dylan Burns

Hello! I'm Dylan, and I make cute things for cute people*. I've been designing and developing websites, games, and other fun things on the computer since I was little. I love all things digital and paper, and I love combining the two to create new and interesting experiences. I earned my degree in Web and Multimedia Environments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am currently based in Tokyo.

*"Cute people" are people who like to play - to use their imagination, to try new things, and to get a little silly. Cute is a state of mind that anybody can embrace if they choose to.

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