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This is a toy building system consisting of rooms, ladders, and background cards. It allows children to create settings for toys and figurines roughly 4-6cm in height. I designed this toy to help children expand the kinds of stories they tell with their toys. Shifting the pieces around, children can quickly create wildly different environments, inspiring new ideas for dramatic play. For example, a castle room set on top of a block of soil suggests a mountain fortress, while a house set on top of an ancient Egyptian themed room suggests a secret underground dungeon.


The blocks and ladders were crafted by hand with wood and the background cards were designed in Adobe Illustrator. <3


Dylan Burns

Hello! I'm Dylan, and I make cute things for cute people*. I've been designing and developing websites, games, and other fun things on the computer since I was little. I love all things digital and paper, and I love combining the two to create new and interesting experiences. I earned my degree in Web and Multimedia Environments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am currently based in Tokyo.

*"Cute people" are people who like to play - to use their imagination, to try new things, and to get a little silly. Cute is a state of mind that anybody can embrace if they choose to.

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