Puchi Boken Zukan

An illustrated blog
of tiny adventures

Puchi Boken Zukan
Puchi Boken Zukan
Puchi Boken Zukan

Puchi Boken Zukan is a personal blog started in 2024, written, illustrated, designed and coded by me. The title in Japanese roughly translates to "illustrated guidebook of tiny adventures". It's a place where I can freely write and draw and share things that interest me.

As a small personal creative endeavour, I had the liberty to make the design more playfully simple than you would normally see in, say, a corporation's homepage or blog. The site has no navigation bar, menu, or even a logo. Each blog entry is listed on the homepage not by its title, but by a small illustrated icon, creating a sense of intrigue. The illustrations throughout are simple, drawn by hand mostly using common Crayola markers, creating an atmosphere of friendliness and childlike naivité that matches the tone and content of the writing.

You can visit the blog at www.puchi-boken-zukan.net/<3


Dylan Burns

Hello! I'm Dylan, and I make cute things for cute people*. I've been designing and developing websites, games, and other fun things on the computer since I was little. I love all things digital and paper, and I love combining the two to create new and interesting experiences. I earned my degree in Web and Multimedia Environments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am currently based in Tokyo.

*"Cute people" are people who like to play - to use their imagination, to try new things, and to get a little silly. Cute is a state of mind that anybody can embrace if they choose to.

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